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Rajkovic, Fruits and Vegies, Serbia

RPG Rajkovic, Fruits and Vegies is a fifth generation fruit producing family in the area of Resava and Morava. The farm is situated in the community Svilajnac and includes approximately 10000 trees of apples, pears, peaches and other tree-fruits. It also produces limited amounts of tomato, raspberries, cherries and other produce that gets sold either in the local market or in the supermarkets in cities of Kragujevac, Velika Plana and Belgrade. Part of the production is used in the food industry for juices and other fruit-based processed foods. In its production it uses its own underground water resources for irrigation and produce cleaning. The farm is currently developing towards GlobalGAP and is very much interested in application of latest scientific knowledge aiming to achieve economic and environmental sustainability while maintaining produce safety and quality.