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microLAN, based in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, is a company specialized in early warning systems for water quality monitoring, based on optical measurements. The company started in 2003 as a trade agency for water quality measuring equipment, including lab and online testing for aquatic toxicity and algae monitoring. In 2014 microLAN took over a patent for automated on-line monitoring of enzymatic activities in water which it applies for monitoring bacterial water pollution. Through this addition microLAN could add the BACTcontrol to its existing product line with a full range of fully automated online monitoring devices for guarding the quality of drinking and surface water. This includes now the TOXcontrol (for monitoring chemical pollution) and ALGcontrol (for     monitoring Chlorophyll-a and Blue Green algae). microLAN now supplies worldwide three complementary water quality on-line monitoring systems that detect Algae, Bacteria and Chemical pollutions.