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Genetic PCR Solutions (GPS)

Genetic PCR Solutions (GPS) is a new technology-based company that develops comprehensive validated procedures to detect and identify microorganisms by using fast and reliable genetic technologies. The project of this biotech-linking company was promoted by a group of scientists from the University Miguel Hernández, Orihuela, Alicante (Spain), with more than 20 years of experience on genetic analysis of microorganisms applied to bacterial phylogeny, evolution, taxonomy, typing, identification and molecular microbial ecology. After 9 years of work in its first managerial project, they established this new company based on the application of technologies of analysis of ADN and ARN to the fields of microbiological control (food, water, environment, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, veterinary, clinical.. etc.). GPS's goals are the provision of rapid diagnosis and analysis by combining the benefits of genetics and recent advances in instrument technology  (automatic DNA extractions, real-time PCR, sequencing, micro-arrays, DNA-chips, etc.). GPS has assembled a portfolio of licensed platforms to enable cost-effective automation of complex DNA detection, from sample preparation to multi-parametric DNA detection and quantification. Validation and automation of detection technology is of high interest to the SME, since the group has been involved in national platforms dedicated to validate microbiological methods.