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EPIGEM is a highly specialised SME concerned in general with products and processes requiring polymer microengineering. At present this ranges from high resolution flexible circuit boards and specialty coated /microstructured films for display touch screens through to microfluid devices, modules and systems for instrumentation and medical devices . Established as a private company in 1995, with premises in the UK comprising 1500 sq.m.factory with 600 sq.m. of clean rooms, it is equipped with design, fabrication and application testing capabilities covering microstructure shaping, microfluidics, electrode and optoelectronics integration, surface coating, ,macro to micro to molecular world interconnection, sealing and bonding. Automated precision drilling and routing enable direct machining of millifluidic analytical consumables. EPIGEM operates the Fluence Microfluidics Centre within the UK’s Micro and Nano Technology Network. EPIGEM has two manufacturing lines.  One for sheet and board based products the second for reel-to-reel film processed products. Both lines provide wet coating, photochemical etching, polymer replication particularly by UV embossing / imprinting, plasma surface modification and etching, and electroplating. EPIGEM are ISO9001:2008 and MNT Quality Mark certified and "Investors in people" accredited.