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Enkrott, Portugal is a leading company in the Portuguese industrial water treatment and management business. Launched in 2001, it belongs to Enkrott´s group which has expanded its business to Portugal, Spain, Angola and Cape Vert. With more than 45 years of experience, Enkrott´s group cover all the aspects related with water as pre-treatment (reverse osmosis, filtration), industrial water treatment (cooling, boiler and process water treatment) and waste water treatment. Enkrott as a group is the biggest Portuguese company operating in this industry with a total of 100 persons. Enkrott as an engineering company started its business servicing and supplying industrial and institutional markets covering globally their needs and innovating with state-of-art technologies and application & control know-how. With more than 250 direct customers, Enkrott is performing exploration / outsourcing programs which included direct investment in equipments, its maintenance, operation and supply of chemical products in a long term contract. In 2002 a new market was developed - pulp & paper process services. In 2007, Enkrott started to outsource its clients, investing in internal competences related to supervision, automation and telemetry. As a result, in 2008, the R&D department has been created with the aim of developing tools to monitor processes. In 2009, due to innovation, a new market associated with these tools, has been included - Enkrott Services. Enkrott is providing service in four countries. Close collaboration with international equipment & chemicals companies permit the access to the most innovative tools and also to develop the best technologies and personalized solutions.