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Cetaqua, Centro Tecnológico del Agua, Fundación Privada (CETaqua)

Cetaqua is a non-profit research centre which performs research, technological development and innovation projects in the field of water, particularly the complete urban water cycle. CETaqua was created to take advantage of the synergies between its three founding partners: Spain’s biggest water utility, Aguas de Barcelona; the Technical University of Cataluña (UPC) which has almost 3000 faculty and research staff; and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), which has almost 130 centres throughout Spain. This allows CETaqua to take advantage of the knowledge and resources of both the academic and industrial sector, to know the day-to-day and future needs of the sector and to transfer and apply the results of its research.

Aguas de Barcelona, CETaqua’s Third Party in AQUAVALENS project, is the main company of the international benchmark Agbar one of the most important groups in the water cycle sector, with a presence in nine countries: Spain, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Algeria and Peru. Agbar offers service to 26 million people, every day.