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Ceeram is an independent private R&D laboratory of genetic identification, specialized in the detection of emerging microbial agents (viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi) in many sectors, including: food production and process, environment, public health, animal health, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. By working with private companies and public entities, Ceeram set up tools and tailored solutions to help them facing microbiological challenges, specific to their sector. The developed detection methods are commercialised under the trademark ceeramTools. These kits include standard and controls required for a method corresponding to client requirements and future regulation concerning PCR methods. All the diagnostic kits are validated by our expertise service but also by national and international reference laboratories. The kits are dedicated to health, food and environmental matrices. Ceeram has a large experience with development, validation, production and commercialisation under the internationally recognised ceeramTools trademark. Ceeram is also an expert member of the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN), in the Working Group - Viruses in Food (WG6/TAG4) and in the Working group- Real time PCR for food and feed pathogens (WG6/TAG3). As the Afnor level, Ceeram is member of the Microbiology commission (V08B) and GT5-PCR.