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Protecting the health of Europeans by improving methods for the detection of pathogens in drinking water and water used in food preparation.

The AQUAVALENS consortium has brought together SMEs, Industries, Universities and Research Institutes with the mission of protecting the health of European Citizens from contaminated drinking water and water used in food processing. We will achieve this by developing sustainable technologies to enable water system managers whether in large or small water systems or within food growers or manufacturers to better control the safety of their water supplies.

Survey:  How can 9 million euros worth of potable water research help you? 

AQUAVALENS is a large EU research project designed to improve our ability to test potable water.  We would like your input to ensure we concentrate on developing the water tests you will use.

To find out more about the technologies, and if/how they would help you, please fill in the relevant survey from the list below.  If you leave your email address we can advise you how to access more information on the technologies tested. 

Complete our short survey (typically ~ 10 mins) for a chance to win a £25 shopping voucher. Vouchers will be awarded to those with the most useful response to our survey including suggestions, improvements to tests, and possible applications in your sector.

Please Note: The survey questions are tailored for different sectors.  Please choose the one closest to your needs.

Large Water

Food Production