• Protecting the health of Europeans against contaminated drinking water through increased understanding and accurate testing for waterborne pathogens


  • Generating new knowledge on the molecular genetics of viral, bacterial and parasitic waterborne pathogens


  • Evaluating technologies and their impact in the field with water providers and food producers.

    Commercial partners

  • Developing new technologies to prevent and control the spread of waterborne disease



The €8.9 million Aquavalens research project launches on April 17th 2013.

AQUAVALENS  translates from Latin as"healthy water".  The €8.9 million Aquavalens research project aims to protect the health of European citizens from contamination in drinking water and water used in food processing by improving testing of drinking water. The project will develop and use new molecular techniques to allow the routine detection of waterborne pathogens and improve the provision of safe, hygienic water for drinking and food production throughout Europe.

The AQUAVALENS consortium has brought together SMEs, Industries, Universities and Research Institutes with the mission of protecting the health of European Citizens from contaminated drinking water and water used in food processing. We will achieve this by developing sustainable technologies to enable water system managers whether in large or small water systems, or within food growers or manufacturers, to better control the safety of their water supplies.

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